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Training your dog now sets the stage for a lifetime of joy and a strong bond.

Expert Dog Training:

A Canine Experience offers personalized dog training programs, ensuring that your furry companion becomes a well-behaved and responsive pet.
Whether it’s basic obedience or specialized skills, our expertise covers it all.


Dog Boarding:

When you need a safe and comfortable place for your dog while you’re away, A Canine Experience provides reliable boarding services.
Your pet will be cared for in a friendly environment, giving you peace of mind.


Service Dog Training:

For those seeking assistance dogs or service animals, A Canine Experience offers training programs tailored to specific needs.
Whether it’s diabetes alert training or other specialized tasks, they have the expertise to help.


Does your dog’s behavior make your heart ache?
Whether it’s awkward moments with friends, tense encounters with strangers, or chaotic scenes around other dogs, we understand the pain. Let’s turn things around! 🐾❤️

Want your dog to behave better? We’re here to help! Let’s make your time with your furry friend awesome! 🐾🐶

Are you worried your dog is going to drag you down or break free from pulling so hard on the leash?

Are you embarrassed by your dog's lunging, and barking at other dogs or people?

Are you afraid your dog is going to hurt someone by jumping on them or playing too rough?

Do you feel guilty because your dog is timid, fearful or anxious?

Unleash the Paw-sibilities!
Train with us to transform both your life and your furry friend’s.

🐾 Let’s fetch those good vibes together! 🌟🐶

Here’s how training benefits both you and your furry friend:

Happy, Well-Behaved Dogs: Training helps your dog learn good manners, listen to you, and feel more confident. Imagine a dog that sits politely when guests arrive or walks calmly on a leash—training makes it possible!

Strong Bond: Training strengthens the bond between you and your dog. When you communicate clearly and teach them new skills, trust grows. Your dog becomes your loyal companion.

Safety First: Well-trained dogs are safer. They respond to commands like “come” or “stay,” which can prevent accidents or keep them out of trouble.

Stress Reduction: Imagine less barking, fewer chewed shoes, and no digging in the garden. Training reduces unwanted behaviors, making life less stressful for both of you.

Brain Workout: Dogs love mental challenges! Training exercises their brains, keeping them engaged and preventing boredom.

Ready to unlock your dog’s potential? Let’s embark on this exciting journey together! 🌟🐶

We found A Canine Experience while searching for someone to help with Diabetes Alert Dog Training for our puppy. This is such a great place! The trainers really know what they’re doing, they adapt well to different dogs and their needs and are so hands on and helpful. Trina has done an amazing job with our dog, she’s worked with her through behavioral concerns and has her well on her way to being a DAD dog. We’ve also gone to group classes with different trainers as well who were fantastic. Whatever type of dog training you need, check this place out first. It’s definitely worth it and you will see amazing results!

Amy Robinson and Eevee

Happy Customer

We've been getting incredible dog training results for frustrated dog owners since 1995, in the Pacific Northwest.

At A Canine Experience Inc., three generations of women run the show.
Nancy Baer founded ACE in 1995, kickstarting the dog training careers of her daughter, Andrea Kelley, and granddaughter, Autumn Baer. Trina Eddy, another daughter, began training dogs at 15, later merging her business with ACE. Jessica Brill, yet another daughter, joined full-time after years of part-time work. These ladies grew up caring for animals, honing their skills, and learning from the best—Nancy Baer. When Nancy retired in 2009, her legacy passed to her daughters and granddaughter, making ACE the go-to dog training business in Snohomish. Lauren Redford, the only non-family member, brings her respected skills to the team. Together, they’re all about improving dogs’ lives! 🐾❤️

Three Steps to Get the Help You Need Today

Fill out the contact form by clicking on a "Click Here" button.

Click on any "Click Here" button to tell us about your dog and what you need help with. 🐾

We will message you back just as soon as we can.

We will contact you to schedule an evaluation.

We will call or message you to answer your immediate questions and schedule an in-person meeting with you and your dog. 🐾

ZOOM options are available. for some services.

Our trainers will help your dog become a well-mannered family member.

We’ll create a personalized training plan to help you reach your goals and ensure a joyful, lasting bond with your dog. 🐾

We are here for the duration of your training.

Our Promise to You

A Canine Experience understands that every dog and pet owner are unique and takes the time to learn about you and your dog's individual history, needs and goals.

  • Your dog's needs come first-

    We do not subscribe to one training method fits all. We are educated in many training methods and consider several factors when working with your unique dog.

  • We are here to help and care about your success-

    We are available for follow up help and provide many opportunities and resources to help you master your skills.

  • Your goals are our goals-

    The preliminary evaluation helps us understand both you and your dog's needs and your goals. We encourage goal setting to help you be successful.

  • We return calls and messages promptly-

    We recently added the capability to respond via text, allowing us to get back to you much faster. We return calls and e-mails within one day.

We love A Canine Experience! Our dog first enrolled in their day training program, and eventually graduated to group training classes, and now participates in agility classes. Seeing her blossom into a well behaved, agile little girl has been a wonderful experience, and we couldn’t have done it without the awesome Canine Experience team! They are a wealth of knowledge not only in training, but overall wellness for dogs. We even changed our dog's diet thanks to their recommendation, which has allowed her to trim some excessive weight, have more energy, and maintain a shiny, healthy coat. Highly, highly recommend!

Hannah Schultz and Stevie

Happy Customer

What you get with A Canine Experience Dog Training Programs

Over a century of combined dog training experience.

Personalized training plan designed to meet your goals.

Ongoing guidance and support.

Compassionate and fair dog training.

Resources and opportunities to help you succeed.

A positive dog ownership experience that brings joy to you and your dog.

Fix the issues that have been driving you (and maybe your neighbors) crazy!

Compliments on your dog's behavior.

Copy of the ACE Guide to Dog Training and exclusive access to the supporting video collection.

Three Ways to Get Started


Fill out the form below to have a trainer call or message you back.


Call us at 360-488-0639

We will make every effort to answer if you call.

If we are unable to get to the phone, please leave a message and one of us will call you back as quickly as possible.


Text us at 360-488-0639

This number has texting capabilities as well, so if that is your preference, drop us a quick text.

We will respond as quickly as possible.

Well, our household is already running much smoother after this experience happened. Cooper gave them a run for the money BUT Cooper is on his way to a much nicer lifestyle thanks to the hard work A Canine Experience gave Cooper!! Money well invested, lots of classes available throughout each week catered for many different cases. I am Yelper and give my honest opinions good or bad, these guys did very well. Thanks for the Experience 🙏

FJ Local Guide and Cooper

Happy Customer

Join now and unleash the potential within your pup.

Remember, every wag, every high-five, and every “good boy” is a step toward a well-trained, happy companion. 🐶👏

Ready? Let’s make tails wag and hearts soar! 🐕❤️

Begin today, not tomorrow!
Training your dog now sets the stage for a lifetime of joy and a strong bond.

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